Is this thing on?

Just Kittie

This is who I am. Nice to meet you.

Hi, my name is Kittie…and I have a cooking problem.  I can’t seem to stop trying new recipes; my poor husband (culinary good sport of the year!) never eats the same thing twice.  Over the past 15 years I have visited at least 11 countries, and the highlights for me have always been fashion and food.  My style in both, therefore, is a crazy mishmosh of elements and ideas from all over, as well as my own quirky spin on things.

I earn a living indulging my ‘other’ passion, which is dressing people so they look and feel terrific, but when I’m not getting paid, cooking is what I do.    I’ll try anything once…and then next time, I’ll tweak it and make it better.  I like things spicy, and chocolatey, and saucy, and tangy.  Anything but bland!  I hate coconut, lima beans, and olives of any variety (though capers have been sneaking into things lately).

I spend the rest of my time, of course, shamelessly pampering the four finicky felines who graciously allow the hubster and me to serve them.  And writing bits and pieces of things here and there.

I’m going to start with a few recipes I’ve cooked lately and add more as they occur to me.  This is my first serious attempt at a blog, so please be patient with me.  My train of thought wanders often and goes weird places sometimes…so fasten your seat belt and let’s go!!